BASIS Tucson North Boosters

Teacher Appreciation Committee

The Teacher Appreciation Committee organizes the stocking of the teachers’ kitchen with non-perishable food items (cups of soup, pretzels, granola bars, etc.) donated each month by parents.  These donations give the teachers snacks for those days they meet with students during lunch, or stay later than planned, or when they just want a treat on a long day.  

The committee also organizes and plans one teacher and staff luncheon every month throughout the year to show our appreciation for the teachers and staff.  The luncheons are a potluck of parent contributions, generally centering around a different theme every month.

Both the stocking of the kitchen and the luncheons are made up strictly of parent donations.  If parents wish to donate money instead of food, they can make a tax-deductible donation directly to the TAC and these donations go to cover the cost of items for the kitchen. 

The Teacher Appreciation Committee currently needs an increase in parent donations of food items, or about $350 a month in cash donations, to cover the cost of keeping the kitchen stocked.  Any donations are fine - even a box of granola bars a month makes a difference! 

Anyone who would like more information about the TAC and would like to get TAC-specific emails can contact Diane Thevenot at